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About the Oasis shop

What is "Oasis", that is the question we are frequently asked and we will try to give you the answers. It is an independent Isle of Wight Business operated by the Southwell family.

The style of Oasis is unique consisting of many modules, the building, customers, staff and products. It has a compendium of products sourced from around the world. We ensure we have quality products at affordable prices. Oasis is a place to shop with the whole family, young, old or disabled it’s a place to explore and enjoy shopping. If you are an independent person who is fed up with boil in the bag shopping you will enjoy it here.

What makes Oasis different?

The products, customers and staff. We have regular shoppers who visit the Oasis weekly, others visit yearly but all want a different kind of shopping environment, they want staff who are friendly and conscientious and have knowledge about the products that they sell. The layout of the shop is different; very few straight lines with displays that are regularly changed. No conventional aisles, all on one level that makes it easy for the less agile and wheelchair users. There is even a small play area for pre-school children. 

The entrance and the front of the shop has a great selection of quality gift ware suitable for your home, your friends and your family. Three large display tables are regularly changed; these feature products in exciting ways giving you ideas for your home. As you walk around this area you will smell fragrant candles and see new ideas in giftware.


With all the country’s in the world why choose Bali as a main place to import from?

We looked at Thailand, Africa and Mexico; we sell products from importers from these 4 countries, whilst researching their different ways of trading. We came to the conclusion that Bali was our favourite. Living on an Island ourselves it made it easier to understand their problems. The big companies find it very hard to trade here, as there are no factories for manufacturing just independent families who offer handicrafts and furniture for sale.


We have close personal ties with our suppliers and take great pride in building up good, strong relationships with them. The people we deal with are paid directly by ourselves thus ensuring that all monies go directly to them.


Why is there such a large area devoted to floral crafts?

Bridget saw that there was a great gap in the market for artificial flowers, sundries and arrangements. Using the sourcing of Holland she chooses a selection of products that are not normally offered for sale at a normal shop. At Oasis a florist is on hand to give you advice and even make an arrangement of your choice for you.


Who chooses the textiles?

That is a combination of Bridget and Jane that carries on looking for fresh ideas, colours and new trends. There is always at least one bed made up showing what can textiles can look like together. They scourer magazines and the internet looking for new ideas and making sure that Oasis has on offer the latest trends and fashions. This department is very popular to our returning customers where they can choose soft naturals or vibrant colours to suit their own personal taste.


More about Bali and how we work together...

Bali was a place that we felt confident that we could trade with and still have a very strong commitment to fair trade and green issues. As we would be responsible for all our own buying and in doing so we can control who we buy from. Our suppliers are from small family groups working together, on our regular visits we normally purchase from approx 120 different families. These craft people have traditionally worked for themselves, they are masters in there respective arts that use materials from renewable sources and fashion them with regard for the environment. 

We have close personal ties with our suppliers and take great pride in building up good, strong relationships with them. The people we deal with are paid directly by ourselves thus ensuring that all monies go directly to them.

How come that your prices for Bali handicrafts and furniture are so reasonable?

As we have said before we do all our own buying, we purchase the services of packers who pack the 40 foot container ensuring there is no wasted space therefore we are not shipping air. We quite often have other retailer’s buy our products for their own specialist interior shops then offer them at far higher prices than at Oasis.

What are your best selling items of furniture?

Teak in two different finishes rich honey, contemporary white wash or rustic white wash; ranging from side boards, TV cabinets, bookcases and beds (four poster or simple beds). With the popularity of the new flat screen TV’s we actually designed furniture to fit these, they are a lot narrower than normal cabinets but are still able to hold sky boxes and DVD players.

How do your off Island visitors get the furniture home?

We have arranged low cost off Island deliveries on a pallet, we make no charge for the packaging and packing the fee is paid directly to the transport company and the pallet can hold up to 6 sideboards so if friends want to share the delivery they can as long as it goes to just one address.

Oasis is evolving and constantly changing...

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